Traffic Road Cone 750 mm One Piece Chapter 8 Red Book

75cm One piece self weighted Heavy Duty Road Cone. Red/ White. Virtually indestructible and designed for maximum stability. Eco friendly 100% re-cycled material.

Part Number: 027028

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 One Piece Traffic Road Cone Height 750mm complies Chapter 8 Red Book

  • Environment Eco friendly 100% re-cycled PVC giving improved finish
  • Virtually indestructible one piece self weighted Heavy Duty Road Cone. Red/ White
  • Designed for maximum stability.
  • Compression moulded from and strength
  • Ideal for most traffic control situations on Roads and Emergency Works
  • Attachment groove at top of neck to facilitate the attachment of barrier tape or rope. Hole in top for inserting additional pole etc.
  • Weight 5kg. Dimensions Base 41 x 41cm.
  • Application: Use on - Mobile Sites, where situation demands Red Book - Safety at Street Works Act.
  • Best seller.  

Approvals: Sleeves to EN13422 Chapter 8 RED BOOK

Part Number: 027028


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