Door Flood Protection Pack 4 X Sacks - 1 X Sausage

Door flood protection pack by Floodsax. Contains 4 sacks and 1 sausage.

Part Number: 001003

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Door Flood Protection Pack by Floodsax

Self inflating - once the floodsax absorbs water it remains inside and they act like instant sandbags to keep floods at bay. Designed so they mould into doorways to keep floodwater out!  

  • 4 x 15 Litre pillows 45 x 35cm approx and 1 x 3 foot/ 90cm sock/ snake.
  • To inflate just add water in a bath, a sink, a bucket, a hosepipe or even the floodwater itself.
  • FloodSax® expand evenly, unlike other similar products in the market.
  • Easy to store and are vacuum-packed
  • FloodSax® last for 5 years in storage.
  • Have them ready for emergencies like burst pipes or accidental or flash floods.
  • It is recommended that you make provision to have enough Floodsax to put inside behind doors to soak up any seepage
  • Biodegradable so can be dumped in landfill sites.
  • Can be quickly deployed unlike sandbags that need filling, storage space and are heavy and expensive to shift.

Part Number: 001003

Floodsax sandless sandbags

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