Katrin Zig-Zag V Fold Paper Hand Towels Green 100683

Paper Hand Towels. Box of 20 Sleeves. Standard quality 1 ply Single Fold Hand Towel for everyday hand drying needs.

Part Number: 023044

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 Katrin Basic Green  Zig-Zag Paper Towels. Imported direct from Sweden so we may supply quality products at low prices.

  • Usage: For standard demands. Quality 1 ply Paper Hand Towel for everyday hand drying needs.
  • Zig-Zag: 'V' folding ensures next towel is presented immediately ready for use thus improving hygiene
  • Dispensing one towel at a time helps to control towel consumption
  • Katrin Product code: 100683
  • Box of 20 sleeves. 250 towels to a sleeve. 5000 towels per box.
  • For dispenser see 023042

Great Value!  

Approvals: ISO9001/ 14001

Part Number: 023044

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