Floodsax Pack Of 5 X 22l Capacity Sand less Sandbags

Floodsax the modern day sandbag for flood prevention or absorbing water after a flood.

Part Number: 001001

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Floodsax Modern day Sandbag. Transforms from being as light as a pillowcase to become as tough and heavy as a sandbag within minutes. Once the water is absorbed, it stays there and they act like self inflating sandbags to keep floods at bay.

  • Lightweight, just 200 grams (empty)
  • Absorb 20L of water to weigh 25kg (44lbs) 
  • Just add water in a bath, a sink, a bucket, a hosepipe or even the floodwater
  • Can be used to divert water away from a building and down a drain.
  • FloodSax® expand evenly, unlike other similar products in the market.
  • Easy to store and are vacuum packed
  • FloodSax® last for 5 years in storage.
  • Have them ready for emergencies like burst pipes or accidental or flash floods.
  • Can be used to soak up sludgy floodwater.
  • Biodegradable so can be dumped in landfill sites.
  • Every property is potentially at risk from floods – even if it is a burst pipe. 
  • Can be quickly deployed unlike sandbags that need filling, storage space and are heavy and expensive to shift.

Part Number: 001001

Floodsax sandless sandbags

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