Oil Absorbent & Debris Containment Marine Boom

Fosse Oil and Debris absorbent containment Boom. Dimensions 12cm x 3m, with Rope for easy handling. Boom will absorb approx. 120 litres.

Part Number: 037027

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Fosse containment Booms for the absorbtion of Oil, Diesel and Debris in Rivers and Harbours .

  • Specification: Oil absorbent boom, (4 x 3 metre lengths in a pack). Socks are easily to handle
  • Handling: 4x separate lengths 3000mm x 120mm in size with hook and clip 
  • Performance: The Socks have a Polypropylene inner and can absorb approx 120 Litres per bag, (30 litres per 3 Metre Boom).
    The Socks can be ovelapped for large scale containment of spills around the workplace. These fast absorbing socks are also tough and will retain their strength even when fully saturated. Covers large areas. Approx Weight: 12kg per boom
  • Application: They are easy to deploy and can be used in inland rivers, waterways and canals or often they are applied to containing construction site run-off.

Part Number: 037027

Fosse Liquitrol

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