SA Safety Lantern Atex Approved Zones 1 And 2

SA Safety Lantern. Atex approved for zones 1 & 2 Gas & 21 & 22 Dust. Extremely tough, anti-static, chemical resistant, waterproof & dustproof.

Part Number: 016013

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SA Safety Lantern IL80ATEX-M. Atex approved for zones 1 & 2 Gas & 21 & 22 Dust.

  • Features: Rechargeable Lantern for Hazerdous areas. Certified for use Zones 0, 1 &2 covering virtually any hazerdous area. The SA LUMIN ATEX rechargeable Hanlamp IL800 harnesses the latest technology to deliver a superior light 'output' performance. The exceptional, robust design results in a Lamp that will not let you down, even in the harshest of environments. Having up to 12 Hours per charge (6 hours on full power), can be used for a full shift with complete peace of mind. This Lamp will not fail you. 
  • Tough: Extremely tough, anti-static, chemical resistant, waterproof & dustproof. Has powerful Beam, Dual power Switch, 2.4W Halogen Bulb. For use in explosive gas and dust atmospheres. Designed to withstand extreme conditions, high impacts. Used by Oil Gas Chemicals Industries, Fire Brigades, Offshore Oil etc. Duration up to 15 hours between charging. Weight 1.1Kg. Dimensions 216 x 121 x 121mm.
  • Key applications: Fire and Rescue, Emergency response, Oil refineries, Aircraft maintenance, Offshore Oil platforms, Utilities, Confined spaces, Road Tankers

Approvals: Ex 11 2 G T80°C EEx eib 11C T4

Part Number: 016013

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