Expanding Barrier Blue And White Ideal For Railways

Titan Expander Barrier Blue and White. Ideal for railway use trackside, on platforms etc. Other colours.

Part Number: 026997

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  Titan Expander expanding Portable Barrier Blue and White. 

  • Dimensions: Closed: L550mm x H1000mm x D600cm. When opened expands to over 3 metres.
  • Weight 10.5 kg means light to handle, yet heavy enough to be stable
  • Ideal for Fencing off an area even indoors. 100's of ideas for this new Barrier 
  • Applications Ideal for Railway Stations, hotels etc.
  • Detachable Feet makes it compact, portable and easy to stow in vehicles. 
  • Versatile. Can also be used with Titan barrier system, as a gate, and with their Workgate barrier. 
  • Available in yellow/ Black see 026996, Green/White see (026998)  Red/White see 026995.

Part Number: 026997


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