Ebola Protection Kit - Frontline Staff Public Contact

Bird Flu - swine flu protection kit. Face masks for respiratory protection and Alcohol gel for protection against transmission by touch.

Part Number: 023201

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Ebola Virus pandemic protection kit for front of house / public contact personnel. 30 Day kit offers protection to frontline staff that are in regular contact with the public. Ideal for clerks, registrars etc. Picture is for illustration only. 

Kit contains:

  • 60 x P2 NR D Respirator masks individually packed to prevent contamination. Masks are Certified 2 way protection medical respirators.
  • 50 x Hard surface alcohol wipes in individual sachets.
  • 01 x 500ml Spirigel Complete fully virucidal Alcohol Hand Sanitiser Gel (= 5 x 3ml washes per day) for desk etc.
  • 50 x Pairs Disposable Nitrile Gloves
  • 01 x  Goggle to protect tear ducts.
  • 01 x Pack 50 self seal clinical waste bags.
  • 05 Packs travel tissues.
  • 01 x Zipped Pouch to decant your daily use contents into.
  • 02 x 60ml Spirigel complete personal bottles (travel)
  • 01 Pack of 24 disposable thermometers.

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Kits can be customised to suit your needs ie. include disposable suits, goggles, face shields, disposable aprons, small masks, customised packaging etc. Call us on 0113 2461550 or e-mail sales@aspli.com with your requirements.

Part Number: 023201

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