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JSP Contour Helmet Mounted Ear Defenders

Helmet Mounted Ear Defenders for JSP hard hats.

Part Number: 021097

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JSP Contour Helmet Mounted Ear Defender fits Evo 2/3. Mark 7 and Evo Lite helmets.

  • Description: Helmet mounted ear defenders. A must for construction workers, easy to attach and detach with spring loaded arms that give an exellent fit to the ear. When not in use the arms allow the cups to stand off clearly from the head. SNR rating 26 dB.  Helmet Mounted Clip on ear defenders offer long-term comfort and increased frequency protection. 
  • Comfort: Attach to safety helmets for added long-term comfort as well as complete head protection and hearing protection. All day comfort from soft Foam Pads.
  • Safety: SNR 26db Provides outstanding Ear protection in the workplace.

Approvals: EN352-3

Part Number: 021097


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