Road Bloc Traffic Barrier - Water Filled Separator

Water Filled Linked Traffic Barrier easy to erect and store.

Part Number: 027030

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The RoadBloc™ traffic barrier is manufactured from Solathene™ HD and has been extensively trialled to ensure that it surpasses the demands of the Traffic Management industry. Its unique hinge allows it to form a mini roundabout with just 8 units and to bend upwards so they stand firm on uneven ground. They can also be stacked very conveniently. 

  • Uneven Terrain. Each unit can be tilted at an angle whilst still connected. 
  • Stability. Each unit contains a large threaded, water tight plug which facilitates easy filling and drainage of water.
  • Weight. Empty 6kg,  Filled 26 Kg approx.
  • Visibility. Optional reflective strips can be placed within a recessed area on each unit. Additional option to add 1M high PVC barrier boards.
  • Branding. Bespoke colours are available. Also each unit can be embossed with a name - logo. Call for details.
  • Convenient. Interlocking feet allow the units to be stacked safely.

Please note theese barriers are not designed to protect workers in the event of an accident.

Part Number: 027030


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